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who are we?

Sonar Studios LLC is an independent game studio that makes games on the Roblox platform. Founded officially in 2019, our flagship games Dragon Adventures and Creatures of Sonaria have attracted tens of millions of players. Sonar Studios continues to develop innovative games that push the boundaries of Roblox’s engine to provide an engaging experience for all demographics.

our expertise

Our experience is not just limited to games and community management — our developers have generated over 20 million virtual fashion & apparel sales on Roblox, as well as thousands of real world merchandise sales through Amazon's partnership programs.

partner with us

We are an innovative studio that is striving to provide the best experience to both our players and partners. Our team is dedicated to making high-quality games that test the boundaries of what Roblox is capable of. If you choose to partner with us for a branded event or full Roblox experience, we go above and beyond to deliver you a quality product in a timely manner.


Dragon Adventures

Hatch eggs and raise your dragons to become powerful beasts in a variety of immersive worlds

Creatures of Sonaria

Grow, fight and survive with other players as a fictional creature in the beautiful world of Sonaria


Hack the computers, outrun the beast, unlock the exits, and escape captivity


Set sail in massive battleships for control over the seas

Sunny Shores

Build your dream home, dress up, party with friends and more in our tropical island city

Feline's Destiny

Explore a rainforest, survive disasters and roleplay with friends as a wild cat